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Steak and Pasta

I took two yummy things to eat, adjusted a pasta recipe I love to make and created a whole new dish, which is now my favorite thing to make for dinner.  It requires alot of pans, but it's pretty easy to make.

Tri Tip Steaks
Half a box of fettucinni
Two bunches of green onions thinly sliced
mushrooms to taste and sliced  (I love lots and lots of mushrooms)
1-2 cloves of garlic

Bake the steaks in the oven at 450* until cooked to desire doneness.   While the steaks are baking, boil the pasta In a skillet add some olive oil and saute the onions and garlic.  When the onions are starting to get soft add the mushrooms and saute.

Drain the pasta and add veggies.   Slice the steak into thin bite size pieces and mix with the pasta.  Add salt and pepper to taste...  YUMMY!

I only use half a box of fettucinni because my kids won't eat pasta.  If you use a whole box to feed more people make sure to use more onions and mushrooms accordingly.    Tri tip steaks are small, but 3 is plenty to feed my family of 4 when it's sliced up.   My kids get the steak without the pasta.    I also think this dish would be good with chicken and sometimes I add diced tomatoes to the onions and mushrooms.  To add the tomatoes dice them up and add them when you have finished sauting the onions and mushrooms so they'll get warmed up, but not cooked.


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Sounds excellent, btw. I know B and I would love a dish like this. :) Thanks so much for posting!
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