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cooking // whiskful thinking

sm00bs in family_recipes


I love bananas, I love chocolate, and I love pudding. If I'm going to eat banana pudding, I prefer the traditional stuff, and that just takes too long. Besides, there's no chocolate in it! I made this simple dessert to satisfy some cravings. This would look very nice served up in a parfait glass or in a trifle bowl if you're making dessert for a crowd.

This dessert can be made with vanilla pudding and chocolate pudding, but I like using ganache instead of the chocolate pudding. Most of this is just eyeballed. This isn't even a real recipe. It's more of a concept.

Favorite vanilla pudding recipe
Graham crackers, broken up
Chocolate ganache
Bananas, broken up

Take all ingredients and layer in glass dish once the pudding is set. Order is unimportant. Keep chilled until serving.


  • I used Jell-o brand French Vanilla pudding which is great with bananas, but fresh vanilla pudding would be even better. I was going for quick.

  • Graham cracker crumbs could be used, but I think they're a little too fine. 'Nilla Wafers could be used as well, but we didn't have any. Pound cake might also work, but could be a bit too heavy.

  • Ganache is simple. Take chocolate chips (I like semi-sweet, but milk chocolate could be used, too) and pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, stirring after each 30 seconds, until melted. Put in enough half an half to make it creamy. I linked to the recipe just in case, though. I hate boiling milk since I know it's easy to scald, so I do it backwards. It still comes out fine.

  • I usually take the banana and split it in thirds lengthwise (it will do this naturally with a little nudging) and then break up those strips into pieces.

  • For one serving, I use a whole banana, which is really a bit much, but I'd rather have more banana than pudding/chocolate for health reasons. I probably use 1-2 whole graham crackers, and a few spoonfuls pudding with a little ganache. If using a parfait dish (or a wine glass, etc.), the dish limits the portions, which is always helpful.

This is a great summertime recipe, especially when looking for something with a beautiful presentation that isn't too much work but will also please the kids.