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Family Recipes saved here. Feel free to share family favorites, new and old.

Yes, we know we're enablers. No, we don't plan on stopping any time soon.

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Courtesies to keep in mind: (Keep in mind that posts may be deleted if they are not in compliance... right here in Brainerd).

1. Recipes only in original posts, please (comments and questions are welcomed on all recipe posts).

2. Please post recipes behind a cut, using the name of the recipe for the cut text.

3. Photos are acceptable as long as they're no larger than 600x800 and are behind a cut.

4. Make sure the recipe you're posting has not already been posted (please search memories first).

5. Do not post multiple recipes per post. Make a new entry for each recipe, unless it's a variation.

6. Variations of recipes may be posted as comments or along with the original recipe.

7. Please be sure to check spelling and grammar so the recipe will be understood by all.

8. Don't be evil (borrowed from my favorite websearch engine).

Template for Posting Recipes:

Subject: Title of Recipe

Body: Blurb (if desired, not necessary)

<*lj-cut text="Title of Recipe">Ingredients

Instructions for Recipe<*/lj-cut>

More blurb if desired.

-= Please be sure to remove *'s when inserting the lj-cut. The *'s are added here for instructional viewing. =-

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[info]family_recipes is love
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